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Our History

Western Corvette Service and Performance was established in 1978, because the founder John Simonson, discovered a gap in the automotive repair market in Calgary. The Corvette was growing more and more popular, with 30,000 or more cars being produced in those years. There were lots of Corvette’s in the city but nowhere to take them to get serviced by expert technicians who knew the cars inside and out. The decision was made to start a shop exclusive to the Corvette, the shop was instant success and has continued to grow ever since.

In its many years in operation, Western Corvette has moved only two times. It started on Edmonton Trail, but in the mid-90’s moved just off of Macleod trail across from Chinook Center. The shop stayed there for many years until 2013 when it underwent its final move, to the current location of 3605 Manchester Road SE. The move was a serious undertaking, thousands of parts, dozens of vehicles, and tones of equipment made the trek. The new building is a much better fit for the business, and although we still have some “moving pains” the new shop is exactly what the business needed.

Our Team

Western Corvette has had many different owners and technicians over the years. However, we can honestly say, none have ever been better than the current team.

Lawrence Block, Co-owner and CEO
Lawrence purchased Western Corvette in 2006. He has been in the automotive repair business since 1989, when he bought Calgary Tune-up & Corvette. When Western Corvette was purchased he merged the two companies and has built the company into the bustling enterprise you see today. Lawrence has been involved in the Corvette hobby for 35+ years. He has autocrossed and been a part of the Corvette club in Calgary, Corvettes Unlimited, almost since day one.

Jason Block, Co-owner and Manager
Jason, son of Lawrence and Glenda, was born into the hobby. He has been involved with the shop and racing Corvette’s for many years. After retiring from competitive swimming in 2017 he is now at the shop full time. If you call or stop in at the shop it will most likely be Jason that you talk to.

Tom Schweitzer, Technician
Tom is a full time technician and all around performance master. Tom was one of the original Western Corvette technicians in 1978 and returned to the company in 2011. He has been involved in the performance and drag racing industries for decades and brings a wealth of knowledge with him to work every single day.

Brain Gash
Brian is the newest technician at Western Corvette and is quickly proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in the shop. Although he hasn’t been at the shop long he has owned and driven many Corvettes in the past and is very familiar with the cars. In addition to working at the shop he is also building a number of custom of Corvettes which he plans to sell in the spring.

Glenda Block, Accounts Manager
Glenda is in charge of the books, but is known to most of our customers as “the sweet lady who answered the phone”. She has been involved with Corvette’s for 35+ years as well, and although she won’t usually admit it, has forgot more about Corvette’s than most will ever know.

Gerhard Heinermann, Yard Manager
Gerhard, has been working at the shop for three years now. He has been in charge of dismantling parts cars and keeping the yard organized. Gerhard is a gearhead, and although he drives a Mustang every day, you can tell he has a true passion for Corvette’s and the automotive hobby in general.

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