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Western Corvette is constantly growing and expanding in order to provide you with the best experience possible. We try to offer a “one stop shop” for your Corvette needs. Please see below for a full list of the services we offer.

Supplying a vast selection of new and used parts: We try and stock as many items as we can, not only for new cars but for the older generations as well. The items we will always try and have in stock, are wearable parts of the vehicle, this includes things like suspension components, brake parts, filters etc. We also try and stock some of the more popular interior and exterior items but as you can imagine there are countless combinations of colours and years so it becomes very hard to stock everything. As an example some Corvette years had ten or more interior colour options, and with over 60 years of production, that adds up to a lot of different door panels! Unfortunately, we just don’t have the room to stock them all. However, if we do not have an item you are looking for in stock, chances are we can get it for you! We order from most of the major manufacturers bi-weekly and take pride in our ability to source hard to find items. We order mainly from Corvette America, but also do orders with Ecklers and Corvette Central. We also order from specialty Corvette manufacturers such as Vansteel, Vette Brakes, Silver Sport Transmission, and various performance parts warehouses. Long story short, let us know what you are looking for, chances are we have it or we can get it!

Full service Corvette repair facility: We can tackle anything from day to day maintenance all the way to major restorations and performance upgrades. We take pride in all steps of Corvette service to ensure we take great care of our customer's vehicles. We have been fortunate enough to work on just about every Corvette year and model out there. So just about whatever you are wanting, we have done it! There is no task too large and no detail too minor when your car is entrusted with us. Please have a look at our “Customer Gallery” to see some examples of the work we have done. Also, if it is speed you are after, have a look at our “Performance” page to get some ideas for your own car.

Insurance Appraisals: Ensure your investment is covered for what it's worth in the event of a disaster! Many insurance companies insist that they have a professional appraisal on file for specialized vehicles such as muscle and sports cars. Western Corvette can provide this service for you, providing a written detail sheet as well as digital photos.

Although we get many requests for "valuation" appraisals ("How much is my 72 LT1 car worth?") this is not something we can do - no one can! The car is worth however much you want to sell it for and however much someone will pay for it! A few tips to help you determine what your car is worth (or what you should pay for a car) is to go to Ebay.com and canadatrader.com and see what's out there for sale. How much are people asking for things, what condition are these vehicles in? Determining the value of a vintage car is not a science!! You have to do some homework. It is also our recommendation, before making any purchase, to have a Mechanical Inspection done at a shop that has experience working with the type of vehicle you are looking to purchase. It costs a bit of money for this Inspection but provides you with very valuable information to help you make a smart purchase.

Out of Province and Mechanical Inspections: Have you recently purchased a vehicle from outside of Alberta? If you have, the government will require an “Out of Province Inspection” before the vehicle can be legally registered. Our Corvette specific technicians know better than anybody what is acceptable and what is not, when it comes to the condition of your new vehicle. We have heard countless stories of shops failing Corvette’s for things that should have never been a problem. A classic example is the rear trailing arms on C3 Corvette’s, many shops will inspect by checking the “play” on the rear wheels and fail the car. What they do not know is that these cars came brand new with “play” in the rear wheel, this was a specification from GM itself. These are the little Corvette idiosyncrasy’s that we know and some other generic shops will not, getting your “Out of Province” done at Western Corvette will avoid these issues before they ever happen.

Are you looking to purchase a vehicle and want to know what's going on beneath the surface? We can help! A pretty paint job and nice wheels is one thing, but if the oil's never been changed and the brakes have never been done, there could be issues! A mechanical inspection includes a review of the Brakes, Differential & Rear Suspension, Engine Compartment, Interior and more!

Conversely, if you are looking to sell your vehicle and want to provide this information to help with the sale, a mechanical inspection can help. Be aware though that we will be honest!! "Buying" a mechanical inspection is not a ticket to a clean bill of health! We pride ourselves on our track record of ethical conduct and behavior and will settle for nothing less.

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